When I Was A Zombie

by Matty Rose

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based on a true story.


I heard on the news today
we all should avoid Tennessee
Apparently there's a plague there
and it's spreading quite rapidly

I decided to go anyway
'cause it could be quite lucrative
To kill undead and save the day
But I underestimated them
and it was my end

It started out with dizziness
then moved along to feverish
and after that there was nothing I could do

When I was a zombie, I ate all my friends' faces off
because that's what zombies do
Oh and when I was a zombie, I tried to infect everyone
because they should be zombies too

I guess I wasn't the only one
thinking this could all pan out
even some cute hipster girl
was carving zombie entrails out

Unfortunately none of us
had thought that we could use some help
now CDC containment squads
are cleaning all our blood up off the floor
we are no more


(Zombie Chorus)



released August 6, 2012
lyrics, music, vocals, zombie moans: Matty Rose




Matty Rose Ithaca, New York

28 years old and never in the same place for more than 5 years, Matty Rose likes to get down and rock out with ter ukulele when not being a total dork on tumblr

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